Health managers

Decalogue of best practices for assisting second victims

  1. Act honestly and transparently, repairing the harm caused and informing about what happened and what measures will take place to prevent it from reoccurring.
  2. Act prudently, avoiding value judgments and providing data.
  3. Contrast information before informing the media.
  4. Seek the opinions of experts to make the facts more comprehensible.
  5. Transmit the news with objectivity, without seeking guilty parties.
  6. Ensure the maximum respect for the professional/s involved.
  7. Try to avoid sensationalisms, looking for interlocutors in the media who are specialized in health.
  8. Do not contribute to creating misleading stereotypes for health professionals.
  9. Communicate that the search for the best for the patient is among the institution’s goals.
  10. Ensure the right to privacy when the news incorporates images.



Other resources

Our team has designed and developed an iOS mobile app that is directed at managers and those responsible for quality and safety at hospitals and primary care centers. This app aims to be a support tool to help keep internationally recommended actions in terms of patient safety up to date.